Dental Implant Prices in Algodones are Unbelievable

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Dental implants are effective for a variety of oral problems. However, the costs of the procedure in first world countries are astounding. A majority of Americans and Canadians have a hard time saving-up for different dental treatments. On top of that, there is a good chance your health insurance will not cover all the costs. This compels a lot of people to look for effective and affordable solutions across the border. Dentists prices in Los Algodones are unbelievably low, which makes crossing the border into Mexico worth it.

Molar City – The Ultimate Dental Saver

Los Algodones is also known as the Molar City and is home to more than 300 dental clinics. You can easily save up to 50 to 60% of your overall dental costs and enjoy a day or two in the border town as well. You can consider a short-lived weekend getaway with your friends and family. Irrespective of the materials you select and the type of procedure you opt for, you will save thousands of dollars, without compromising on quality.


Dental implant prices in Molar City are low due to a number of reasons. The biggest reason being the country’s lower operating costs. Moreover, dentists there do not have to worry about the bureaucratic red tape that flusters businesses in first-world countries and drives up their costs. Molar City’s dentists are quite big on providing high-quality care and customer service. Furthermore, with no backbreaking government conformities, dentists can focus on lowering their overall operational costs while also enjoying lower cost of labor and materials. First world countries like the US and Canada can never hope to compete with the Mexican dental industry in terms of price.


Here is the low down on the implant prices in Los Algodones compared to the US and Canada:


  • Price in the US: USD $3,900
  • Price in Canada: CAD $5,000
  • Price in Los Algodones: USD $1,250/ CAD $1,600


So you end up saving 50% of the cost, which will easily cover your accommodation and traveling costs. The difference in all-on-four costs in Mexico and the US/Canada is ten to fifteen thousand dollars!


Remember that implant procedures require you to come back to your dentist after four to six months. This time is needed for the implants to infuse with your jawbone. Your dentist will then complete the permanent restorations on the second visit.



The Top 3 Clinics to Consider in Molar City

Much of how you can save thousands of dollars also depends on the clinics you opt for. While the options are endless, it is important to select and narrow down a list of the best of the best. Three of the top clinics in Los Algodones you should add to your shortlist are:



Along with low prices and exceptionally friendly and precision-based service, all of these dental clinics are equipped with the same technology you will find back home. Moreover, the dentists at these top clinics have attended the best dental colleges including those in the US. And they speak English so no need to worry about the language barrier. You can also take advantage of the low-cost pharmacies in Molar City and stock up on your meds.


All in all, you will never have to worry about dentists prices in Los Algodones. With such ridiculously affordable treatment plans, you can easily save the required amount, and take your whole family for effective dental treatments. Feel free to learn more about the clinics listed above as you plan your dental trip down south.

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