Check Out Top Clinics in Mexico Offering Best Combination of Cost and Quality

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The exponential expansion of Mexico as a dental tourism hotspot. More specifically, Los Algodones has earned it reputation of becoming the ‘dental capital of the world’. The Mexican border town is popularly known as Molar City. With more than 300 dental clinics, the dental prices in Mexico reflect top-notch quality and extremely satisfactory customer services. Thousands upon thousands of Americans and Canadians flock across the border into the city to get reliable dental treatments at amazingly affordable prices.

The Best Clinics in Molar City

Along with the affordability factor in Los Algodones, it is also important to select the best dental facilities in the city. Here is a short overview of some of the most reputed dental clinics in Mexico:



Alberta Dental

Get a complete smile makeover without spending a fortune. Alberta Dental is one of the most reputed facilities that employ a roster of qualified and exceptionally skilled and experienced dentists. Moreover, they also have state-of-the-art equipment and offer a pleasant environment. Their top-of-the-line facilities enable the dentists to offer a wide range of cosmetic and restorative services along with general dentistry.


CIRO Dental

Located right near Molar City, CIRO Dental offers services up to 70% lower than clinics in the US and Canada. All dentists at CIRO have graduated from reputable universities. Moreover, most of their qualified dentists speak fluent English to make things hassle-free and as comfortable as possible.


Sani Dental Group – Platinum

The Sani Dental Group – Platinum offers nothing short of world-class dental procedures at highly affordable prices. Despite offering top-notch services, the clinic has modern equipment on par with facilities throughout the US and Canada. For instance, you can save over 75% on a root canal, and over 50% on an all-on-four dental implants system.


Castle Dental

Owned and operated by the Smile Brands Group Inc., which has been operating in the US for twenty years now. Established in 1998, Castle Dental is among the most renowned dental facilities in Molar City. You get a free oral examination as part of your initial consultation at this clinic.


Thanks to clinics like these, Molar City continues to be a leading dental tourism hotspot in North America. We conduct a thorough screening of every clinic before adding it to our site. This includes things liked verifying staff qualifications, checking criminal and malpractice records and collecting authentic patient reviews.


Why The Low Prices?

Dental prices are low in Mexico because of lower operating costs in the country.

Lax business regulations by the government also help. Lack of red tape also means dentists have nothing to worry about and neither do they have to comply with stringent business regulations. This leads to them saving a lot on operational expenditure and administrative fees. Moreover, with the price of living low in Mexico, dentists are also able to employ credible dental assistants and staff at a lower rate than their counterparts in the US and Canada.


The closest thing to a catch to getting reliable dental work in Mexico is finding the right clinic. Now that you have four top names to go on, you need not worry about that. Feel free to learn more about them as you plan your dental trip.


Dental prices in Mexico reflect nothing but quality and reliability. And if you want to make an appointment with a reliable and credible dental facility, feel free to do it so via Molar City Algodones. You can contact our customer support with any questions you have.

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