Are Dental Crowns In Los Algodones Reliable?

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Traveling to Mexico for dental treatment is a popular option nowadays as the cost of dentistry in the US and Canada is very high. Dental crowns are one such affordable procedure, and in Algodones, you can get them in a modern and high-quality clinic. However, there are many things to consider, and here are a few things that make dentistry in Mexico reliable:


Skilled Dentists

The treatment you will get in Molar City will be world-class, as the low prices are not caused by a reduction in quality. Dentists in Mexico are highly qualified, with many gaining at least part of their education abroad. As such, they are aware of international dentistry standards and incorporate them into the clinics in which they operate.


Hygienic Facilities

Hygiene standards are strict, with the norms from overseas the standard in Los Algodones. Both the facilities and the staff and dentists that operate in them are as clean as north of the border.


The following clinics in Los Algodones are popular with past patients for dental crowns:



Affordable Treatment

One of the main reasons people from the US and Canada travel to Mexico for treatment is the inexpensive price of dentistry in Algodones. You can save over 60%, as shown in this price comparison.


A single crown in the US costs up to USD 1,500, and in Canada, it will cost you at least CAD 1,887 at least. If you go to Molar City for crowns, you will only spend USD 500 / CAD 629.


Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.


Why Are the Prices Low?

Clinics in Los Algodones are able to reduce their operating costs compared to clinics in the US and Canada due to the low cost of living in Mexico. There is less red-tape and also lower taxes, which when combined with lower rents, salaries, and other costs means that the treatment costs less to do. These savings are passed on to the customer.


In addition, there is a lot of competition, with an over-supply of dentists rather than patients. As such, clinics keep their prices low to attract more customers, whilst ensuring quality is high to maintain “word of mouth” marketing.


Getting Started


Dental crowns in Algodones are reliable, high-quality, and affordable, so you can start planning your trip. If you want more details, contact customer support or book online at no extra charge.

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