An Overview of the Dental Implant Prices in Molar City

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People with missing teeth can opt for dental implants as a suitable tooth replacement option. However, the cost of the treatment in the US and Canada is high. This reason is why a majority of people who need implants are not able to afford the procedure. Luckily for you, you can conveniently travel across the border to find affordable dental implants. The dental implant prices in Molar City, Mexico, are considerably lower than what you pay for the treatment back home.

Molar City: The Dental Capital of the World

Los Algodones, a town on the US-Mexico border, is popular as the ‘dental capital of the world’. The small city is home to no less than 300 dental clinics, with close to a thousand dentists operating there. In other words, the sheer number of options might overwhelm you, when you are trying to choose the right clinic. The main reason for the popularity of this town for dental work is affordability. The prices of a range of treatments, from dental crowns to teeth whitening in Algodones are lower than in the US and Canada.


Why You Should Get Dental Implants in Molar City

Keep in mind that even the best dental clinics in Molar City do not charge exorbitant prices. You can schedule an appointment and undergo the treatment you require, for instance dental crowns or teeth whitening in Algodones, without worrying about cost. That said, regardless of how great the best dental clinics in Molar City are, you may wonder if travelling to Mexico for dental care is worth your while. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option:


Save Money on Implants

As mentioned, the dental implant prices in Molar City are more than 60% lower than in the US and Canada. The price of the treatment in the US and Canada is USD $3,900/ CAD $5,000. In comparison, you can get the procedure for just USD $1,250/ CAD $1,700 in Los Algodones. In other words, you save thousands of dollars on a single implant. The savings multiply based on the number of implants you require. Moreover, you can also take a friend or family member, who needs dental work, along, to maximize your savings.


Get Treatment from Reliable Dentists

Los Algodones is home to some of the best dentists in the region. A majority of the dentists operating there received their training and education abroad. Moreover, they are fluent in English. Hence, you do not face any barriers to communication. You can ask the dentist to explain the procedure to you, in detail, including post-procedure care required. Also, you can pick a dentist with the requisite skills and experience to perform the treatment with precision.


Take a Quick Trip across the Border

Did you know that you can practically walk across the border and into Molar City? As mentioned, the town is on the border, and you can reach there from Yuma, Arizona. You can rent a car from Yuma and drive across. Conversely, you can drive to Yuma, park your car overnight for $16, and then walk across. The choice is yours, based on what you want. Keep in mind that Los Algodones is only a few miles away from there. Moreover, some of the top clinics in the city are near the border, including



Benefit from the low dental implant prices in Molar City by picking a reliable clinic for the treatment and planning your trip accordingly. If you want to learn more about scheduling an appointment, feel free to contact our customer support.

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