All about Dental Implants in Los Algodones

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Dental implants are the most viable solution if you want to restore your pearly whites by replacing missing teeth. However, the cost of the procedure in the US and Canada is beyond the realm of affordability for the average patient. If you are looking for low dentists’ prices, Los Algodones in Mexico is a viable option. Known also as Molar City, the town is home to more than 300 clinics and 900 dentists, which makes it the de facto ‘Dental Capital of the World’.

How Much Do Dentists Charge In Molar City?

The dental implant prices in Los Algodones are significantly lower than what you would pay at a clinic back home. You can get expensive dental treatment without sacrificing quality. A standard implant will cost you USD $3,900 and CAD $5,000 in the US and Canada respectively. Fortunately, dental implant prices in Los Algodones are reasonable. You will just need to pay USD $1,250 / CAD $1,700 for the treatment, which means you spend less than a third of the amount you would have to spend on the treatment in New York or Toronto.


Even the all on four costs and all-on-six costs in Molar City are lower than what you spend in the US and Canada. In other words, you can opt for any type of implants in Los Algodones and save money. The savings on all on four costs are significant, with the difference close to 50%.


Travelling to Molar City

Now you might assume that travelling across the border to Molar City will prove a hassle, especially if you are only heading there for dental implants. However, you cannot ignore the fact that the city lies on the US – Mexico border. You can conveniently cross the border from Yuma, Arizona. In fact, you can even walk across the border from there and reach Los Algodones. You can either take a flight to Yuma or drive to Yuma and park your car overnight for $16, this side of the border.


Keep in mind that you might have to spend more than a day for getting dental implants in Molar City, as your dentist will have to inspect the quality of your jawbone. Moreover, in any case, you will have to return to Los Algodones for completing the procedure after six months. The implants require this much time to infuse with the jawbone. Since travelling to Molar City is not expensive, and you are saving thousands of dollars, making multiple trips will not prove a hassle for you.


Snowbirds dealing with the cold weather in Canada and the US in particular will love their trip to Molar City. Of course, Los Algodones is by no means a tourist destination. Yet, you can soak in the warm weather when you are there for the treatment.


Of course, you have the option of flying directly to Los Algodones. As mentioned above, you will be saving thousands of dollars, thanks to the low dentists prices in Los Algodones, you can easily afford the flight. Even after factoring in the cost of travelling to Molar City, you will end up saving money on the overall package.


Best Clinics in Los Algodones

Getting the best dentists pricesLos Algodones along with reliable treatment requires selecting the right clinic. There are many reputed clinics you can opt for, including:



If you select a reputable clinic in Los Algodones, you will receive the perfect combination of world-class dentistry and affordable dentistsprices. Los Algodones is home to no fewer than 300 clinics, and you can conveniently find one that suits your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team.

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