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People from the US and Canada regularly travel to Mexico for cheap dentistry. This is because in Mexico, dentists provide quality treatment at competitive rates. Molar City is famous being the de facto dental capital of the world. But what is Molar City? Molar City is a name for Los Algodones, a town on the US-Mexican border.

Since the town is a dental tourism hub, people gave it the name Molar City. You must be wondering where is Molar City? Fortunately, the location is at a few minutes’ drive from the border. This is one of the main reasons the destination is popular. Dental tourists from the US and Canada can take short trips across the border for dental care.


The Quality of Dental Care is Topnotch

The clinics in Los Algodones have a reputation amongst international clients. Therefore, the clinic ensures the care that they provide is excellent. These clinics hire the dentists in Molar City. Many of these dentists acquired their education abroad. Others studied at reputed universities in Mexico. They have years of experience and are among the best in the region.


The clinics in Mexico also ensure they use first-rate materials. But how can these clinics use top quality materials and keep prices low? The clinics have the Mexican government to thank for this. The government knows that these clinics attract tourism.


Therefore, they receive relaxation on regulations, which means these clinics do not have to go through extensive paperwork to buy materials. Therefore, they can acquire the expensive supplies for a nominal price.


Also, in Mexico, dentists hire experienced and skilled staff to offer world-class care to their patients. The local staff is as skilled as staff in developed countries. But they do not charge as much. If you want the best treatment in Mexico, you should consider the following clinics:


  • Alberta Dental has been around for more than five years. The clinic has a strong customer base in Mexico and internationally. They have a friendly staff and some of the most experienced dentists on their team.
  • Sonia Edeza Morales has the best dentists in Molar City on her team. The clinic has a few specialists on the team to take care of complex procedures, like implants. This clinic is the best place for quality dental care.
  • If you want a comfortable experience for your dental treatment, you should go to Confident Smile Studio. The clinic has a calm and welcoming ambience and the staff ensures each of the patients is comfortable.
  • Best Dentist Mexico is at a walking distance from the Mexican-American border. If you are travelling across the border in a shuttle, this would be the most convenient clinic for you. They provide all types of procedures, from crowns to implants.


Why Is Dental Care Cheap in Molar City?

The clinics in Los Algodones offer cheap care by keeping their overhead costs low. Mainly, the clinics cut down on the overhead costs by keeping the staff salaries and material costs low. However, they do not compromise on quality. The staff they hire is highly trained and they use state-of-the-art equipment and first-rate materials.


Are The Savings Worth The Trip?

The savings are definitely worth the trip if you manage your travel and lodging expenses. The best thing to do is renting a car from Yuma, Arizona and driving across the border. This will help you save a significant amount of money. As an example, all-on-six implants cost USD $27,000/ CAD $34,831 in the US and Canada. In comparison, you can get the treatment for USD $9,000 / CAD $11,612 in Los Algodones.


So, now you know what is Molar City and where is Molar City. In Mexico, dentists have the skills and expertise to perform intricate dental treatments. If you want to learn more about scheduling an appointment, feel free to contact our customer support.

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