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Getting dental crowns in Los Algodones can save you money without any reduction in the quality of dental care. This is because in Mexico the clinics are high-quality and the cost of dental treatments in Mexico is considerably lower than in the US and Canada. Despite this, many have concerns about traveling overseas for dental work but this review will detail why crowns in Algodones are a great idea:


Los Algodones is Convenient

The dental capital of the world is just over the Mexico – US border near Yuma, Arizona. A popular method of transportation is to drive to the border and park your car overnight for $16 and simply walk across. Also, there is the option to fly to Yuma Airport, rent a car and drive across, or you can even take a shuttle. Whichever method you choose, traveling to Los Algodones is extremely convenient and nearly identical to travel within the US.


Is it Safe to Visit Los Algodones?

The US government recognizes Molar City as a safe destination for tourists. You can carry money and go sightseeing without fearing for your safety. This is because the town is not a normal town, with over 300 dental clinics skewing the quality of residents.


Are the Savings Worth the Trip?

You could save over 80% on dental treatment in Mexico compared to the price in the US and Canada. For a dental crown, the price in the US is USD 900 to USD 1,500 depending on the material you choose, and CAD 1,132 to CAD 1,887 in Canada. In comparison, it costs just USD 160 to USD 500 / CAD 201 to CAD 629 in Molar City.


Note that these costs are approximate and collated at the time of writing. For exact costs check out the clinic’s pages on the website.


This saving may not cover the cost of transport, but with no accommodation required, and many dentists having on-site laboratories to speed treatment, it is possible. Alternatively, you could add more treatments, or travel with others who need dental care and reduce the travel costs per person considerably.


Are Dental Clinics There High-Quality?

Dentists in Molar City are highly qualified and experienced with many receiving at least some of their education abroad so they are aware of international standards of dental care. The clinics are modern and have the latest technology. As a result, they are popular with past patients, and the following have been recommended highly:



Getting Started

Traveling for crowns to Los Algodones is convenient, affordable, and won’t reduce the quality of care you receive. Book an appointment today or contact the customer care team for more information.


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