A Short Guide to Los Algodones Dentists

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A dentist will recommend dental implants for a variety of good reasons. From missing to decaying teeth, dental implants are the perfect solution to many problems. However, what gets to most people is that the treatment costs an arm and a leg, especially in countries like the US and Canada. Many Americans and Canadians cannot afford quality and comprehensive treatments such as implants, root canals, crowns or veneers. This has led to a lot of them completely neglecting oral care, which can be injurious to health in the long run. However, there is a pretty good alternative thousands of people living in North America have found – going to Mexico dentists in Molar City.

What is Molar City? Los Algodones, also popularly known as Molar City, is renowned as the dental capital of the world. The border city is home to more than 300 dental facilities offering a slew of major and minor dental treatments. Over 900 hundred well-trained and experienced dentists work at this Mexican border town. Where is Molar City? The Mexican border town is just ten miles west of Yuma, Arizona.


Why is Price of Dental Works Low in Molar City?

One of the major reasons why the cost of comprehensive and minor oral treatments is low or highly competitive is that dental facilities do not have to worry about any government red tape policies. That essentially means the Mexican government encourages businesses to keep the costs and administrative charges in running a dental clinic low to begin with.


This helps professionals invest in state-of-the-art dental equipment along with hiring the right people for the job. Another reason is the fact that due to a high level of competition in the region, topnotch dental facilities will intentionally keep prices low to attract more locals and foreigners.


The Best Dental Clinics in Los Algodones

There are many dentists in Molar City. The key to ensuring you get quality treatment along with low costs is choosing the best dental facility. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the most reputed and popular dental clinics in Molar City:



Let us take a closer look at these clinics:

Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales

Dr. Sonia established her dental facility more than a decade ago and the dental facility has become quite renowned over since then. The clinic is also popular for affordability, especially when you talk about procedures such as dental implants, root canals, veneers, crowns, etc. In some cases, you can easily save up to 70% in cost on different treatment plans.


Supreme Dental

One of the best features about this dental facility is the fact the dentists are extremely reliable along with the fact that is easily accessible from the city. You can take the simple route to Supreme Dental via Andrade, which is on the border. Apart from that, the dental facility offers affordable treatment plans coupled highly innovative treatment methodologies.


Simply Dental

This dental clinic is all about smiles and is famous for exceptional patient comfort. Moreover, the facility has incorporated state-of-the-art equipment and modern treatment methodologies. Plus, you will easily save up to 50% of overall costs on major and minor procedures.


Sani Dental Group

Established more than three decades ago, the Sani Dental Group is among the best in the country. Founded by Dr. Enrique Jimenez (D.D.S.), the clinic initially started with just a couple of chairs. Now it employs a vast team of qualified dentists and dental assistants with a countrywide reach.



So that is the low down on some of the top Mexico dentists. For more information on how you can get in touch with the clinics, their background, patient reviews, and price comparison, go to Molar City Algodones.

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