A Guide to the Best Mexico Dentists

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Dental care is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Mexico. And yet, the quality of dental work in Mexico and the prices Mexican dentists charge are too good to turn down. In Mexico, dentists follow a high standard of care and treatment, offering a wide range of treatments. The best part is that they charge a fraction of the amount you might spend back home.


The hottest dental tourism destination in Mexico is Los Algodones. The border town, referred to as Molar City, is famous for being home to more than 300 clinics and 900 dentists, despite its small population. The dentists in Molar City are among the best in the region, with the experience and expertise to perform a variety of intricate procedures. From implants to veneers to root canal, numerous Americans undergo different dental treatments in Mexico without breaking the bank.


What is Molar City?

As mentioned, Molar City is a Mexican border town, with the highest number of dentists per capita in the world. You could throw a stone randomly and you have a decent shot of hitting a dentist! Not recommended though! Dentists in Molar City have the experience and expertise to perform simple and complex dental treatments, offering high-quality services at price points you can afford. The bottom-line is that the best way to answer the question ‘what is molar cityis to say it is a destination dental tourists from the US and Canada dream of!


Where is Molar City?

Molar City is accessible through the border from Arizona and California. The most convenient route is via Yuma, Arizona. You have the option to park your car in Yuma, close to the border. The charges for parking your car overnight are $16. You can decide whether or not you want to avail this option depending on how long you plan to stay in Molar City. In Mexico, dentists usually do not require you to stay back unless you undergo an intensive procedure, such as all-on-four implants. With savings of at least 50%, Algodones is the cheapest dental destination for North Americans.


You can walk across the border, which takes five minutes. Once in Molar City, you can walk to a clinic or use public transport. Now that you know where is Molar City, you only need to work out the location of the clinic you book an appointment at. You can conveniently find the location online and even mark it on Google Maps to reach easily and safely.


The Best Mexico Dentists

To make selecting a dentist easier, here is a quick overview of some of the best clinics:


Sani Dental Group

This dental facility has been in operation for over three decades and operates three locations across town.

Simply Dental

Comfort and personalized care are the two pillars on which this clinic built its success over the years.

Supreme Dental

A modern, cutting-edge dental clinic, this facility is just a block away if you cross the border at Andrade.

Castle Dental

Castle is part of a dental franchise that originated in the US two decades ago, giving the clinic unmatched pedigree and experience.


So, if you are seeking affordable yet high-quality dental care, Mexico is the ideal dental tourism destination for you. In Mexico, dentists, regardless of how renowned and experienced they are, keep prices low since they have much lower operating costs than your local dentist. Feel free to learn more about the clinics named above as you plan your dental vacation.




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