5 Signs You Need Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are the go-to option when you talk about effective and durable oral restorative procedures. They help strengthen damaged teeth and keep them from further deterioration. While the procedure is expensive in the US and Canada, crowns in Algodones are strikingly affordable. However, before you head to Molar City for crowns, you need to be certain you need the treatment.


Five Reasons You Will Need Crowns

1.     Broken Teeth

When you have one or more broken teeth, you will experience a decline in your oral health. Moreover, broken teeth can also result in considerable pain. If left untreated, damaged teeth will result in further decaying and deterioration, which is when you are going to undergo comprehensive surgery. For severely broken teeth, when fillings become redundant, dental crowns can help restore the balance.


2.     When You Undergo a Root Canal

Root canals are suitable for treating infections in the pulp beneath the teeth, as well as the nerve tissues. During the procedure, the dentist will remove the decaying pulp and kill the infection. However, the treatment results in the affected area becoming brittle and weak. That is essentially where dental crowns can help the teeth from breaking or further deteriorating.


3.     Large Dental Fillings

Large cavities can be extremely detrimental to your oral health. However, even if you undergo a professional filling treatment, the affected teeth will still be weak and brittle. Having a crown fitted atop the filling will help the tooth from steer clear of further damage.


4.     You Have Cracked Tooth Syndrome

This is a condition where you have a cracked tooth without the tooth actually breaking. Cracked teeth can be a source of extreme pain whenever you chew your food. In many cases, people with this syndrome complain the pain does not constantly occur, but only when they chew something or bite down hard. A dental crown can help cover the cracked tooth, encasing it completely, preventing pain and protecting the tooth from further damage.


5.     There is New Decay in a Tooth That You Go Filled

It is entirely possible that the tooth you have a filling in with silver amalgam or any other dental filling material, such as composite resin, will develop new decay in the long run. While you can have new fillings in the tooth, dentists also recommend getting a dental crown fitted around the decaying tooth. You see, getting new fillings can further weaken the tooth, and a crown can help prevent further damage.


Savings You Can Expect for your Crown Treatment in Los Algodones

Dental crown prices in Los Algodones are low. And that is because there are no red tape policies governing dental facilities in the border city. With administrative and operational costs low, dentists can provide affordable and quality oral treatments and care. However, it is important to understand just how much you can save on the treatment. In light of this, here is brief comparison of the dental crown prices in Los Algodones compared to the US and Canada:


  • Price in the US and Canada is USD $1,164 and CAD $1,541
  • Price in Los Algodones is USD $500 / CAD $662


Reputed Dental Facilities in Los Algodones

With low price being the main reason why so many people come to Molar City from across North America, it is important to choose the right dental clinic for your treatment. Here are three of the best dental facilities you should consider for crowns in Algodones:



Crowns in Algodones reflect state-of-the-art dental equipment and modern treatments along with a friendly staff and comfortable environment. For more information on how you can easily schedule an appointment, feel free to get in touch with our customer support.

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