3 Recommended Dentists in Molar City Algodones for International Clients

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3 Recommended Dentists in Molar City Algodones for International Clients

Molar City in Mexico, also known as Los Algodones, is quite possibly the most concentrated area in the world for top-notch dental establishments. Located just over the California border, this is the ideal location for a dental tourism vacation. If you are an American or Canadian, here are 3 highly recommended dentists in Molar City Algodones for international clients.

Simply Dental


Simply Dental is a clinic that is just two blocks from America on the border and is one of the most prestigious dentists in Molar City. Algodones is a busy town, and with Simply Dental, you have a clinic that benefits from 32 years of experience via their head specialist, Dr. Enrique Lopez Gaspar. This clinic is known for its high-end excellence and it reputation for dealing with Americans and other international patients.


Molar City in Algodones might well be the most concentrated dental region in the world, but with Simply Dental you really do not need any other options as this is one of the highest ranked dental establishments in the region.


CIRO Dental


The CIRO Dental clinic is known for its high moral and ethical standards and that reason alone is why so many Americans visit this honest and trustworthy clinic. If you are looking for a clinic that leads the way for dental implantology or other forms of innovative treatments, this is the clinic for you. Being just a 5-mnute drive over the border makes this clinic one of the most convenient in Mexico and constantly overflowing with patients from America.


Supreme Dental Clinic


One of the most renowned names in the city and known as one of the most prestigious dentists in Molar City Algodones, Supreme Dental Clinic is a true master. Offering a safe and friendly atmosphere that appeals to adults and kids alike, making this the ideal family dental establishment, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. With state-of-the-art x-ray technology, this clinic is perfect for those who seek aesthetic or reconstructive work. When you are looking for one of the most highly recommended dental clinics in the region, not many can match Supreme for dealing with American and Canadian clientele.


Dental Implant price in Mexico


The dental tourism scene in Mexico has become so popular over the past decade largely due to its ability to offer such low prices. On dental implants and other high-end treatments, you can save thousands of dollars by booking your treatments in Mexico.


Here is an example of the dental implant prices you can expect to pay in Mexico: US $ 1,250 (CAN $1,593; UK £971; Euro €1,064; Aus $1,593; NZ $1,727), compared to the prices in the US $ 3,913 (CAN $5,027; UK £2,928; Euro €3,480; Aus $5,098; NZ $5,238).


Although there are a great many dentists in molar City Algodones, ask us for some expert advice on finding clinics that really do offer a one-stop-shop of affordable prices, top-notch specialists and safe dental treatments and practices, which is why Mexico is currently so popular.

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